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Welcome to a chilly new year

There was a slow start to January with on-site projects delayed due to adverse weather conditions but this did give us a chance to catch up with a few office projects.

One interesting development was the launch of the government's Green Deal initiative. Opinions still seem divided on the potential benefits and take-up of the programme but we have been sticking close to a few of the organisations involved to ensure we don't miss any opportunities. We'll provide updates as we learn more. Stay tuned!

We can say we will be at Ecobuild again this year. The last few years has seen the event growing in popularity, credibility and applicability so we are keen not to miss out the chance to mix with our peers and meet with the visitors. We still need to finalise exact details on our stand but look out for us if you get a chance to visit, we’ll certainly be keen to meet with you.


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