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ivy screens before
ivy screens before installation
Ivy screens in St. George's Street before
ivy screens after
Ivy screens in St. George's Street troughs
Ivy Screens in St. George's Street

Project overview
Situated just a few metres north of Mayfair's famous St. George's Anglican church, the welfare facilities for CSJV's Crossrail project have been an unwelcome addition to the prestigious area. Though no construction work is carried out on the site, there are three storeys of temporary buildings to provide facilities for contractors working on CSJV construction sites in the local area.

In an attempt to appease local residents the units have been hidden under a fence-mesh banner printed with images of classic buildings similar to those found in the Mayfair area. To further enhance the aesthetics of the site our team retrofitted the wooden construction hoarding around the site with ivy screens to complete the effect with an ivy 'hedge' surrounding the buildings. Additional benefits include noise reduction and improved air quality in the locality.

Technical details

The ivy screens were planted in troughs along the top of the hoarding supported by wooden posts inside the compound. These were then bent over and securely attached to the wooden hoarding. Irrigation is provided using a drip-line and battery power controlled connected to an on-site water supply.


The project delivery was accelerated to meet a sudden change in the client's priorities and was completed over a weekend to minimise disruption from a road closure essential to protect the workforce. Approx. 150 sq.m. of vegetation was installed on the hoarding in just four days.


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